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Whether it’s a refuse vehicle with a CNG engine, a Class 8 sleeper cab or even a late model sedan, as commercial fleet managers you don’t always have a say in which vehicles you will be asked to maintain.

At H&H, you DO have a choice on what parts you use and H&H listens. When your fleet changes, H&H will change with it and help continue your success.


I thought H&H only supplies light duty parts. Do you supply heavy duty truck parts?
H&H started supplying automotive parts to government fleets in 1986. Since then, we have grown into a reliable source for heavy duty filtration, electrical, lighting, brakes, suspension and many other components. We also stock parts for off road and farming equipment. Just ask.

We have a lot of dead inventory from past vehicles, can you help?
H&H can help you with your distressed inventory. Let’s work out a program to get you cleaned up.

What services do you provide?
When it comes to fleet business, H&H understands. We do all the expected service; stock product for your unique fleet, deliver quick, expedited freight, find difficult to get product, technical training, etc.

H&H also helps correct fleet vehicle problems such as retrofitting with alternators/starters, creating parts that are obsolete, improved wiring harness, upgraded brake solutions. What are you having problems with?  Let us try.

What can you do if I have a vehicle down?
First, let us know, we understand vehicle down. Supporting customers know that H&H will do everything possible to keep them moving. Emergency service includes weekend and night support. Ask for details.

Can you provide purchase information?
Yes, H&H can provide detailed purchase information. This includes cost, part numbers, brands and more. This information can help you manage your purchasing and even make your job easier.

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